Blank Page

There are times where you don’t feel like writing at all. When everything, from the innocent sky to the bewitching landscapes of your country aren’t enough to put you on your desk and push you to write. We, writers, have these periods. You hold your pen, take a blank paper, or simply open your laptop. But as soon as the pen touches the page, as soon as your fingers touch the keyboard, your mind is completely¬†blank. You then take a breathe, inhale, exhale, listen to some music to inspire you, try again: nothing. There is truly nothing that goes out of your mind. Every word is erased, no sentence makes sense, and even though you happen to write a paragraph, as soon as you read it again, you discover how dull and stupid it is.

That’s the worse part in being an artist. Sometimes, prompts need time to manifest themselves. If you’re a writer experiencing these kinds of moments, take the time to meditate, give words the rest they sometimes deserve. They’re always at our service, here whenever we feel misunderstood, whenever we feel the need to free our imagination that so few people get, sometimes no one around you.

Give them rest, give them the time to come back stronger. Take a break from writing, go refresh your imagination. Sometimes, a simple walk at the local park is enough, or a song, a thoughtful movie or book may serve as well; and sometimes you’ll need weeks, months to find the inspiration again. Just trust words. They’re your best friends. They don’t tell you when they’ll go, they don’t tell you when they’ll come back, but they’re your best friends. Because, whenever they go away, it is to come stronger, or merrier.

My blank page period? Well, it lasted several months… But here I am. I wrote about how I couldn’t find any word anymore, how imprisoned I felt in my powerlessness. A good alternative to Vivaldi’s four seasons, and the perspective of participating to the International Creative Writing Summer Program of the British Council helped too.

So, here is it: a short story of approximately 2000 words. Make sure to give me your opinion, it truly matters to me: short story link