A dazzling light blossoms

The bluish hue of the sky peacefully echoed within the feathers of the singing birds. Their symphony engulfed the air, filled with the delicate scent of the woods. As the plain breeze smoothly cuddled your cheeks, the light slipped between the leaves, gently brightening the surroundings. Eyes closed, you take a deep inhalation, feeling the atmosphere at your deepest. What a lovely afternoon to be enjoyed… Everything was so plain, so candid, so pure, so… normal. Maybe too normal. Excessively normal. Suspiciously normal. Beware. See through normality’s game. It’s cunning, sneaky, deceptive, hiding things, secrets, fooling you all the way.

A rustling sound, you turn back, scan the leaves, the ground, the plants, the trunks. No soul to be seen. You wait, feeling every heartbeat within your chest, sweat running down your scale, blood flooding in your veins.

The rustling sound again, you step back, watching the bush on your right-hand side violently shaking, as if it was possessed by a demon. At the moment you felt your heart stopping, a brown shadow leaped out of the leaves.

It was a squirrel.

You sigh, stupidly relieved. A squirrel. A very cute squirrel. A small little animal that made you all panting. A second one came out as well, and after a few instants, a third one. They were fleeing. “Maybe a cat,” you thought. Only the cat never came out. “Maybe he found another prey,” you thought. Only you couldn’t walk away. You approached the bush, and as you looked beyond, your heart stopped for good.

Before your eyes, hidden in the shadows of a tree, a mysterious light was glowing.

Follow the glow

Welcome to my world

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With a love for Writing and a passion for Fantasy



Perhaps the thing that made me fall in love with Fantasy was that feeling of wonder it triggers in readers, almost like a spiritual awakening. It has called out my curiosity more than any other genre I have read. Of course, I love the magic, the imagination, the creatures, but I believe mastering this element is far more important than a complex magic and fictional system. This is one of the reasons I dropped some books, labeled as “Fantasy” in bookstores: all that made them carry that title was the magic. So much magic it got tasteless.

Young adults and older teens

Though I believe my writing can be read by anybody, I think those who may enjoy it the most are older teenagers and young adults: the protagonists often fall in one of the two categories. Thus, the challenges they face, their tears and joys, success and failure, are things that make them more relatable to that audience.

Themes I hold dear

If you came for valuable friendships, sincere and deep love, bitter betrayal, fantastic and eventful adventures, boys and girls fighting by side by side, what stands still in wars, the grief of loss, the reality of death, rising over circumstances, the struggle of difference, vibrant diversity, tales of strength and weakness, kingdoms rising and falling, all merged together with dragons, elves, marvelous forests, vertiginous mountains, limitless sands, infinite seas, and a pinch of magical suspense; you’re at the right place.

Thoughts of an inner child

Does mistaking a white bus with orange paint for a superhero with red hair sounds like an idea a saint mind would have? You just got it. If you click the magical button below, it will lead you to the universe of my thoughts, Weirdland, designed just like a blog. Oh, and you’ll find random-flavored pearls as well. Be careful not to hit your head with the doors that appear out of nowhere. Oh, and don’t enter them. They may throw you in the mouth of a Giant, or at the face of Charybdis.

Just saying.

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Selma Lynn Airy
Selma Lynn Airy

The day a friend of mine told me my writing made them cry, I understood I had to give more. It’s simple: I love writing. Meaningful writing. Adventures filled with emotions. And I do my best to convey the feelings that overwhelm me to my readers. Sometimes they naturally flow through my words, sometimes they just… won’t. Guess my moody inner child is to blame. For me not being able to drink coffee, too. Apologies to coffee addicts. I swear I’m trying! With three spoons of honey but I’m trying!

I also do a lot of other things, like playing some piano, reading random articles, and overthinking my overthinking. Did you notice that shadow? That’s maybe just a shadow: something hiding the rays of the sun and thus preventing them from reaching the wall. But maybe that’s a dark creature, hiding in what we’ve always called a “shadow”. It’s surveilling you, frantically dancing when you look away, connecting with their allies to tear down the human empire. Hum? You think I’m crazy? Well, you may be right…

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